Minutes of the 2015 AGM

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held at 190 Gore St East, Perth ON
on Thursday, 14 May 2015 7:0 pm


Present:  Greg Best, Susan Best, Joe Baumann, Kristian Bostlund, Ed Chenard, Muriel Chenard, Ian Doig, Richard Gooderham, Murray Long, Norm MacDonnell, Vicki MacMillan, Don McDiarmid, Louise McDiarmid, Linda McLaren, Cheryl O’Connor, Emma Postlethwaite, Donna Silver, David Stewart, Donna Sproule, Ritah Makumbi, Jamie Reik, Tammy Ray, Krystyna Chelminska, Gerry Kerr, Sebastian Bacharach, Mary Pat Shaw, Eva Gentle, Sally Ziskowski

Also: Table Executive Director Ramsey Hart and program staff Judy Dempsey, Coral Sproule, Rosie Kerr, and Samantha Davidson.

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Greg Best at 7:05 pm. Greg welcomed the members, staff, and directors.
2. Adoption of the Agenda: Motion by Don McDiarmid to approve the agenda, seconded by Donna Sproule, carried.
3. Approval of the Previous Minutes: Motion by Donna Silver, to approve Minutes of AGM of 2014, seconded by Vicki MacMillan, carried.
4. Comments from participants and volunteers:
a) Ritah described her arrival in Perth in 2012, and the support she received from The Table CFC.  She particularly appreciated the Community Meals, and the opportunity to share her African foods with the Seniors group.
b) Grenville has been enjoying the Community Meals, and helping with the Community Garden.  He also spoke about the 2500 heads of garlic that were grown for use in the Community Kitchen and sold at The Garlic Festival.
c) Tammy arrived in Canada, from the United States, in September 2014.  She talked about the challenge of surviving and thriving as she waits for her residency certificate.  She so appreciated the personal shopping trip around the Good Food Bank, and is now volunteering two days/week using her experience as an Executive Assistant.
d) Donna describes herself as an avid volunteer with the Community Kitchen.  She describes The Table CFC as ‘home’, where she feels safe and welcome.

5. Presentation of the 2014 Annual Report by the Executive Director – Ramsey Hart invited everyone to read the Annual Report.  He describes The Table CFC as a community of volunteers, clients, members, supporters, and staff.  He welcomes the growing demand for our services but underlined the challenges of fund raising the money needed to continue.  He highlighted the Core Food policy of the Good Food Bank, and the increase in food donations, particularly from the “Build a Mountain of Food Campaign”.  He also referred to the Young at Heart program, the Dads & Kids program, the After School program, the Good Food for Healthy Babies program, and the Food Fit program.  Other services include Advocacy training, Community Action Training, and Community Gardening.  Much of our success is a result of the thousands of volunteer hours, and innovative fund raising initiatives such as “Barns Farms and Wicked Chefs” and the “Empty Bowls” campaign by local chefs and potters.  He closed with introductions of the staff and directors.

6. Presentation of the draft Financial Statement by the Treasurer – Cheryl O'Connor presented the auditor’s report.
Motion by Cheryl O’Connor to accept the draft Financial Report, with minor corrections, seconded by David Stewart, carried.

7. Questions and comments on the reports:
a) The final financial report will be available in a few weeks on the website.
b) Beth Peterkin has been hired to develop a fund raising strategy, and Ramsey and the staff have been applying for various grants.  We are also looking for continued support from the community.
8. Appointment of the Auditor for 2015 – Motion to appoint Allan Chartered Accountant Professional Corp. of Perth as auditor for 2015 fiscal year– moved by Cheryl O’Connor, seconded by Donna Sproule, carried.

9. Election of Board of Directors – Chaired by Greg Best. 
There are 12 positions on the Board:
• Nine (9) directors will continue – Greg Best, Murray Long, Cheryl O’Connor, David Stewart, Larry Sparks, Ann Trick, Tamara Wood, Emma Postlethwaite, and Gordon Munro.
A roster of individuals for the open Board positions was presented by the Chair. These consisted of:
• One individual who will represent the Perth Interministerial committee, Gerry Kerr.
• One individual as a director-at-large Mary Pat Shaw.
Call for nominations – Krystyna Chelminska was nominated by Sebastian Bacharach as a director-at-large.
As there were no further nominations, and there were three candidates for the three vacant positions, Greg asked the members to accept the slate of directors, carried.

10. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn at 8:20 pm by Donna Sproule, seconded by Rick Gooderham, carried.


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