Welcome to the Table


The Table is your Community Food Centre.

It's our goal to ensure that everyone in Perth and the surrounding community has enough safe, good quality food to have a healthy life. Our primary focus is on meeting the needs of low-income community members in a welcoming and respectful environment.

We provide an emergency food supply to those who need it, delicious community meals three times a week that anyone is welcome to enjoy, along with many other innovative anti-poverty and anti-hunger programs.

Whenever possible, we provide fresh, local, seasonal and minimally-processed food in our Good Food Bank and Community Meals.  We build community, increase social inclusion and create opportunities for low-income community members to connect to other resources and find their voices on the causes of hunger and poverty.

We use our purchasing power to support growers, producers and retailers who share our philosophy.

Our work is made possible through our generous supporters, our dedicated group of passionate volunteers and the support of Community Food Centres Canada.