2014: an exceptional year for Empty bowls Perth

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Empty Bowls Perth raised more than ever before at the event hosted by Foodsmiths in March and at the Festival of the Maples.  Once Scotiabank Perth added their promised $5000 matching gift, donations totalled $24,500.  The Table received a donation of $7500. Donations were also made to YAK, Food for Thought, the Lanark Food Pantry and The Guatemala Stove Project.
The Table is very grateful for the generous, on-going support by Empty Bowls Perth.  Thank you to the amazing potters who not only donated their bowls but their time to coordinate the project;  Foodsmiths and Riverguild who hosted successful events; local restaurants who filled the bowls with soup; Scotiabank management and employees who raised money throughout the year; and to everyone who took a bowl home.  Finally, thank you to Jackie Seaton for the inspiration.