Partner Organizations

The Table works in cooperation with other organizations because two heads are better than one, and many hands even better. We like to share knowledge about the community and the people we aim to serve. We like to share professional knowledge about developing programs, and share the delivery of programs when that is effective. Together with other organizations we can reach more people, and sometimes offer services we could not on our own.

We are currently affiliated with other organizations in a variety of ways, and in active discussion with others:

Community Food Centres Canada

We are an affiliate of Community Food Centres Canada. They inspired us to move from simply offering emergency food to providing a range of services and programs that bring people together to grow, cook, share and advocate for good food. Together we are working toward a healthy and fair food system. This relationship was forged in 2011 when The Stop Community Food Centre received funding to replicate their highly effective food-based programs in two other communities. They chose us and Stratford.

Our affiliation with Community Food Centres Canada, now established as an independent organization has helped ensure that we had core funding to start operating in the new model, and has been an invaluable source of templates and advice. With their valuable support we have been able to expand The Table more rapidly and more surely than we could have done on our own.

Town of Perth

The Town of Perth has made 8,000 square feet of land in Last Duel Park available for us to use as a community teaching garden. They have also supplied water for the garden and generous financial support to the Table.

Food Banks Canada and the Ontario Association of Food Banks

We are affiliated with both of these organizations which help coordinate efforts among food banks and lobby on behalf of the hungry.

Food Core LGL

Foodcore LGL is a partnership of people and organizations from the food, farming and community sectors in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark. The group includes growers, producers, local governments, as well as those working in poverty reduction, health, and emergency food supply (e.g., food banks). Food Core has drafted a food charter for our area and is collaborating with area organizations to advance the vision of healthy, safe food for all.

Put Food In the Budget

Put Food in the Budget is a grassroots activist group working to hold the Ontario Government's feet to the fire on promises made—but not kept—to reduce poverty. The group's broad goal is achieving social and economic justice for the growing numbers of poor people in this province. Members of our Community Action Network are active participants in the campaign.

Lanark County Planning Council on Children, Youth and Families

The Table represent the food banks of Lanark County on this umbrella organization that strives for optimal integration of services to children, youth and families in the county.