Community Advocacy Office

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COVID19 Update:

Remote options for LEAP and OESP applications are still available. Navigators are available onsite on Mon (2-5pm), Tues. (12 - 3:30pm), Wed. (2-5pm), & Fri. (2-5pm). To meet with a Navigator in our Advocacy Office, we are still requiring masks. If that is not possible, please contact us and we can arrange an alternative space or remote option.


The Community Advocacy Office is located downstairs at The Table on the same floor as the Good Food Bank. The office is run by community members with lived experience of living on low-incomes and navigating government programs and other resources in our local area.

Community Navigators are available to offer resources, referrals, and support on a wide array of issues from applying for help with utility bills, to replacing lost identification, to helping fill out paperwork, to conducting a housing search, to discussing your options in a difficult situation. The office is open to all community members and no appointment is needed.

In some cases, your interaction with us may be like asking for directions, and just need to be pointed in the right direction. In other cases, it may be more like visiting an information centre when arriving at a new place, where you have some understanding of what your needs are, but may need some more detailed conversations and perhaps a map or two to figure out where you need to go. 

In other cases, you may be dealing with a more complex situation, or be stuck waiting for the help you need, and you may find us helpful as companions on your journey to help read the map, check in regularly, and maybe make some calls on your behalf while you focus on the road ahead. 

No matter what, you are the one in the “driver’s seat”. We are here to help you get where you’re going.

Monday, 2 - 5pm; Tuesday, 12 - 3:30pm; Wednesday, 2 - 5pm; Friday, 2 - 5pm

613-267-6428 x111, 

Advocacy Initiatives

Dennis Marks receives his free hug from Peer Advocate Joanne CassidyThe Peer Advocates were out on the streets of Perth offering up free hugs and information about the services the office offers on Friday July 12th. In just one hour we shared 117 hugs with fellow community members, there is a lot of love in this little town! One of our favourite stories of the day involved an older gentleman. When asked if he would like a free hug, he said he needed a minute to think it over. He then went on to tell us that he hadn't been hugged in years. After a great hug shared together, he thanked us and moved along. We saw this same man stop at the end of the next block and hug another person, paying it forward. What an amazing experience, thanks for sharing the love Perth.

Peer Advocates are available four days a week during regular food bank hours, offering support, resources, and referrals on a wide variety of issues from lost identification to housing searches and so much more. If you are feeling frustrated or unsure about what supports or services are available to you, give an advocate a call at 613-267-6428 ext. 29 or come down to the office.  

In the picture below, Dennis Marks receives his FREE HUG from Peer Advocate Joanne Cassidy.