Community Advocacy Office

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COVID19 Update:

Remote options for LEAP and OESP applications are still available. Navigators are available onsite on Mon (2-5pm), Tues. (12 - 3:30pm), Wed. (2-5pm), & Fri. (2-5pm). To meet with a Navigator in our Advocacy Office, we are still requiring masks. If that is not possible, please contact us and we can arrange an alternative space or remote option.


The Community Advocacy Office is located downstairs at The Table on the same floor as the Good Food Bank. The office is run by community members with lived experience of living on low-incomes and navigating government programs and other resources in our local area.

Community Navigators are available to offer resources, referrals, and support on a wide array of issues from applying for help with utility bills, to replacing lost identification, to helping fill out paperwork, to conducting a housing search, to discussing your options in a difficult situation. The office is open to all community members and no appointment is needed.

In some cases, your interaction with us may be like asking for directions, and just need to be pointed in the right direction. In other cases, it may be more like visiting an information centre when arriving at a new place, where you have some understanding of what your needs are, but may need some more detailed conversations and perhaps a map or two to figure out where you need to go. 

In other cases, you may be dealing with a more complex situation, or be stuck waiting for the help you need, and you may find us helpful as companions on your journey to help read the map, check in regularly, and maybe make some calls on your behalf while you focus on the road ahead. 

No matter what, you are the one in the “driver’s seat”. We are here to help you get where you’re going.

Monday, 2 - 5pm; Tuesday, 12 - 3:30pm; Wednesday, 2 - 5pm; Friday, 2 - 5pm

613-267-6428 x111, 

Advocacy Initiatives

Lanark County housing forum slated for March 29 in Perth

The Community Action Network (CAN) and the Table Community Food Centre are in the final stages of the current housing outreach campaign; they will be hosting a wrap-up forum for community participants on March 29 in Lanark County council chambers in Perth.

Funded by a grant from the Lanark County social housing department, the campaign engaged more than 100 community members through a face-to-face survey and community meetings.

The forum on March 29 will be the culminating activity of the outreach campaign. During this final session, results of the surveys will be presented, giving participating community members from across the county a chance to meet with other people who have similar concerns and identify solutions together.

The public is invited to attend the forum in the Lanark County council chambers from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. to learn about the housing issues our neighbours are facing, and what they feel we should do about it.


For more information about the upcoming forum, please contact Beth Schilling — advocacy, social justice and volunteer co-ordinator — at or 613-267-6428, ext. 4.


The Community Action Network will be resuming it's monthly drop in meetings on the first Wednesday of the month starting on April5th.  These drop in meeetings will be discussion meetings where community members can discuss a pre picked topic of interest to participants.  The April topic will be "Community: What does it mean to you?"

COVID19 Pandemic Update

The Community Advocacy Office is still operating remotely for most services. However, we are setting up limited appointments to complete LEAP applications. Please contact us by phone or email, 613-267-6428 x29 or


How to Get Energy Assistance/Credit Program help at the Table CFC:

I. LEAP (Low-Income Energy Assistance Program)

Emergency financial assistance program to assist low-income customers who are having difficulty paying off arrears on Hydro or Enbridge Gas Bills. The maximum grant level is $500.00 per fuel, per household, per year.  (If you live in an electrically heated home you may be eligible to receive $600.00/year.)


Start the LEAP process by calling 1-855-487-5327 and doing the phone intake procedure OR use the online portal:

You will need your utility bill to make this call. If you have been threatened with disconnection, please let the agent helping you know as they can call the provider for you and arrange for this to be put on hold or cancelled.


Once you have applied through the LEAP program (Greater Simcoe United Way) you should then call our advocacy office to see that we have received  the application via email at  613-267-6428 x29.


Complete Application at the Table during the Advocacy Office Hours (M & F: 2-5; Tues: 12-3:30; W: 3:30-6). 

WHAT  YOU WILL NEED TO BRING for the LEAP application process:

1.      ID for yourself and all household members.

2.      Proof of  income for you and all household members.

3.      Proof of rent or mortgage.

4.      Most recent utility bill.

5.      Disconnect Notice (if you received one).

We need to speak with the person whose name is on the bill to process an application for LEAP.


II. OESP(Ontario Electricity Support Program)

A monthly credit on your bill- Eligible households can receive between $30 and $75 depending on the size of the family and household income. Households, that have electric heat as their primary source of heat or that have members who use a mechanical ventilator or an oxygen concentrator will receive larger rebates to cover their higher electricity usage. Households with 1st Nation’s, Inuit, and Metis household members, or with members who receive a CPP Disability pension, are also eligible for specific directed assistance under the program.


Complete an online application at the Table during the Advocacy Office Hours (M & F: 2-5; Tues: 12-3:30; W: 3:30-6).

WHAT  YOU WILL NEED TO BRING for the OESP application process:

1. Names and birthdates of all household members

2. Social Insurance Numbers for all household members over 18 if taxes are up to date


2. Proof of income for all household members over 18( if taxes not up to date) and for 16 & 17 year old household members

3. Most recent utility bill

We need to speak with the person whose name is on the bill to process an application for OESP.


III. HAP (Home Assistance Program)

A Program for qualified low-income customers of Hydro One. This gives assistance to customers to improve energy efficiency in their homes.  Eligible households can receive efficient lightbulbs, insulation, and more efficient appliances. You can call the advocates at 613-267-6428 x29 and they can refer you or you can call the program directly at 1-888-797-7534.

Join us for a workshop and luncheon with two guest speakers: One from Lanark County Interval House examining domestic violence signs and one from Lanark County Housing Corporation explaining how the province wide Special Priority for victims of Domestic Violence works. Free lunch after at Noon. Gift cards for participants.

Please register in advance at 613-267-6428 x29.


Have you borrowed money?

Are you in arrears & stressing over debt?

Are debt collection agencies harassing you?

Have a contract you don’t understand and/or can’t afford?

Come and learn about consumer protection rules and regulations around Payday loans, door to door scams, paying utility bills and cellphone contracts- With info from Linda Tranter from the Legal Clinic.

LUNCH and Gift Cards Provided for participants.

Please preregister with teh Advocates at 613-267-6428 x29.