Countywide survey on homelessness

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At the Community Advocacy Office , we hear from a number of people in the community facing various housing insecure situations. Unfortunately, the housing crisis continues to worsen. Lanark County will be conducting a survey to determine how many people throughout the county are currently experiencing homelessness between September 21 - 24, 2021.
Participants may share as much or as little information as they wish, and will receive a gift card. If you or someone you know is currently without a permanent residence, please reach out to complete a survey. Surveys will be conducted in-person and by phone.
You can call the Advocacy Office at 613-267-6428 x29 (leave a message and we will call you back) or email if you would like to participate in the survey.
Additionally, you may go directly to Lanark County Social Services and complete the survey with them during business hours: