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The Table Feedback Box

We really appreciate it when people take the time to tell us about their experience here at The Table. These are the comments we’ve received in our feedback boxes over the last several months, and our responses. Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a comment.

(Up to October 23, 2019)

Comment: I love the Table

Our response: We love you too



Comment: “In the 21st century, there are cameras everywhere, except where our food comes from, where our energy comes from, and where our waste goes. The most powerful species on the planet is blind to how it survives.” Ziya Tong
Our Response: We agree. Many people truly are disconnected from our basic life supports. Part of our work is to help people understand and make connections with our food system. For example we do lessons on the geographic origins  of our food, whole vs. processed food, and food waste and composting with our After School Program.  We are also part of the foodcore LGL steering committee which is actively promoting our regional Food Charter.

Comment: Perth does not need more doctors it needs more community gardens.
Our Response: Community gardens do provide many positive impacts on physical and mental health including improved diet, exercise, social interaction, and the benefits that come with putting energy into such a positive nurturing activity. While we agree there is a need to pay more attention to health promotion and prevention and more gardens we do still need access to primary care services and getting access to a doctor in Perth is really hard right now. We think we need both!

Comment: Peer advocacy has time to talk to each other but no time to help someone who needs it.
Our Response: We are very sorry you weren’t attended to in a timely way. Please accept our apology. We’ve discussed this with the Peer Advocate team and they have committed to being more attentive to the sign up list and people who are waiting to access the office.

Comment: Thank you for everything you do
Our Response: You are most welcome and we are glad to do it!

Comment: Fantastic help on ODSP I could never, ever make the month food wise. Thank you!!
Our Response: It really is a shame that our social assistance rates don’t provide for the basics of a dignified life. While we are glad we can provide supports to help you get through the month we think a better solution would be to ensure people have the financial resources to eat a healthy diet and cover other essentials. Our Community Action Network is monitoring changes to ODSP and OW and has taken action to push back against changes that would negatively impact people receiving social assistance.

Comment: Very down to earth people, welcoming with great warm smiles making one feel at home. Happy to be part of this family.
Our Response: We are so happy this is how you feel when you come to The Table. It’s a big group effort of the staff, volunteers and participants to make this space welcoming – glad it’s working for you.

Comment: On a Friday night or something have the community dinner as a community picnic in either Stewart Park or Last Duel Park.
Our Response:  We love to prepare food and eat outdoors. It's why we ran our Harvest Kitchen program which prepped weekly meals at the Community Garden. That said it’s also a lot of work and there are challenges with ensuring health and safety stanards are met when preparing and serving food outside. We'll think about this over the winter and maybe we can re-introduce some "al fresco" programs in 2020.

Comment: Please ask that perfumes, after shave and liniments not be used at The Table. Thanks
Our Response: In our new Health and Safety Policy we committed to reducing the use of scents at The Table. We need to develop a plan to share the importance of this with everyone here and will be rolling this out this winter.

Comment: Gluten free with meat meals please.
Our Response: We are trying to accommodate different diets in the meals but it’s very difficult to address everyone’s needs. We always have a vegetarian option and usually includes a vegan and gluten free option. So far this seems to satisfy most people. We do keep track of requests and if there We do keep track of requests and if there is recurring demand, we try to accommodate them – which is why we now offer gluten free and vegan options.