Letters to The Table

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Since it launched in 2012, The Table has grown into a valued — many would say indispensable — part of its community. Staff recently received letters from two community members describing the extent to which The Table has impacted their lives. 

I would like to thank The Table Community Food Centre for teaching me more about whole, healthy food. 

I have been involved with the Advocacy Office, the Good Food Bank, community meals, cooking and gardening. This has helped me to slowly transform my family's eating habits. We were eating mostly out of boxes and cans, and now my family is eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

My son and I both have ADHD, and having this new love for food has created better behaviour at school. I feel healthier and mentally more alert at home and school. The Table has provided me with the safe place to learn and explore food options. 

When I first came to the Table I was on Ontario Works, eating meals and using the Good Food Bank. When I took the Advocacy training course to understand resources and agencies I had no idea that it would be a foundation for a new career. I am now in my second year of college and look forward to a career of empowering and creating safe environments for people like myself who just needed to feel INCLUDED. Thank you.


A very good friend of mine went into The Table for the first time today. She spent the last couple of days worried she couldn't make her young children school lunches and called me to ask if I thought it was ok if she attended the food bank. Of course, I encouraged it.

She told me she remembered as a child going to the food bank with her mother and siblings. Often the cans were dented, the produce brown or wilted and the bread always mouldy. She couldn't bring herself to go through this again, even though she has been struggling immensely after several personal setbacks.

When she attended today, Wendy took her through. The words she used to express her visit were 'encouraged', 'motivated,' 'relieved',' and she was excited about locally grown produce and organic meat. She felt valued and dignified in a very difficult time in her life. It brought tears to my eyes as she expressed how she felt able to get through one more day.

She may never have to use the service again, but today she made a healthy meal for her kids and has the security of having food for lunches. I'm sure you hear these stories all the time, but it really hit home for me. Thank you for all you do, and kudos to Wendy for ensuring a dignified and positive experience for so many in difficult times.