Our Staff and Board of Directors

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Our Staff

The staff of the Table bring a wide range of experiences to their work and share a passion for good food and social justice.
Please feel free to contact the staff by email or by phone at 613-267-6428 and the appropriate extension.

Our Board of Directors

We are governed by a Board of up to 12 Directors who are elected at the  Annual General Meeting by the members of the organization. Directors serve a 3-year term that can be renewed once. 

Current Directors

  • Mary-Pat Shaw, Chair   boardchair@thetablecfc.org
  • Tamara Woods, Vice Chair
  • Nev Jande, Treasurer
  • Deborah Duffy, Secretary
  • Members: Krystyna Chelminska, Rev. Ken Davis, Craig Halpenny, Shannon Miller, Robyn Mulcahy-Reid, Jim Noble, Emma Postlethwaite, Brian Whitestone