Thank you for a mountain of food

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All of us at the Table Community Food Centre want to thank everyone who contributed to the Build a Mountain of Food Campaign for Perth and district. A record -breaking 20,855 pounds of food and $7,033.88 was collected this year for our Good Food Bank program

So many people were instrumental in collecting this mountain of food:

  • The community members who donated food staples at the food drive depots, filling our shelves and warehouse.
  • All of the local community business who pledged thousands of pounds of food in the New Year
  • the hearty volunteers who stood outside at the collection depots on that frosty November day
  • The tireless volunteers who sorted all of the donations
  • Those who donated time, vehicles and gas in order to collect the donations from the depots.
  • A special thank you to the sponsors of Build a Mountain of Food: Brad Kyle of Town and Country Chrysler, Lake 88.1, EMC Community Newspaper, TV COGECO, Sign Design, Jade Transport, Warehouse Storage and Lannin Funeral Home.
  • And lastly a HUGE thank you to Hugh Colton and his support team, Ed Chenard and Ed Roberts , who led this campaign so that no child or person would go hungry in our community.