What to Donate: Good Food for the Food Bank

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The Good Food Bank focuses on making the healthiest and most nutritious food choices available to our participants.

We invite you to help us keep our shelves fully stocked by making donations of Core Foods.

What defines Core Foods?The Good Food Bank

Core Foods are staples that meet two of the following criteria:

  •     Rich in nutrients
  •     In environmentally-friendly packaging
  •     Locally grown and/or produced
  •     Low in sodium (salt)
  •     Low in fat
  •     Low to no processing
  •     Less than 3-5 ingredients on the label

The Core Food List includes:

  •     Canned whole, diced or crushed tomatoes
  •     Canned vegetables
  •     Canned tomato paste and sauce
  •     Canned pasta sauces
  •     Canned seafood
  •     Canned  beans and dried beans
  •     Natural peanut butter
  •     Bread - whole grain/whole wheat when possible
  •     Dried pasta
  •     Rice
  •     Oats
  •     Grains and seeds
  •     Breakfast cereals (low sugar)

And please, the Good Food Bank cannot use:

  •       Dented cans
  •       Food in open or ripped packaging
  •       Any food past its Best Before date
  •       Meat not slaughtered and packaged in a certified facility