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Community Allotment Gardens

The Table in partnership with the Town of Perth and Transition Perth established the Perth Community Allotment Garden in 2017.

These gardens provide people with access to a 10 foot by 10 foot plot, or multiple plots where they can grow their own garden.  (Note: The Table's main community garden program has gardeners garden together and share the work and joys of planting, tending, and harvesting a collective garden.) 

Water for the Allotment Garden is provided by the Town, and all other inputs are the responsibility of the gardeners. Joint efforts to source or make inputs like compost and mulch can be undertaken by the gardeners. Gardeners are expected to help with upkeep of shared areas around the garden. There is an outhouse and toolshed at the site. The Community Allotment Garden is located on Rogers Road between Burchell Glass and Bell's Machining. See map.

A volunteer garden coordinator(s) oversees the assignment of plots and coordination of shared work projects. 

Gardeners are required to pay a fee, though anyone with financial limitations can be exempt.

The gardeners have also developed an agreement to promote shared understanding and collaboration at the garden. 

For more information about the garden or to inquire about obtaining a plot contact the garden coordinator

Andrew MacDonald, 613.200.7647 or

Join the Allotment Gardeners on Facebook

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