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Fresh Food Box

The Table’s Fresh Food Box program is designed to provide access to fresh affordable produce.

Fresh Food Boxes are filled with fresh, high-quality vegetables and fruit. The box content changes depending on availability and price; this allows us to get you the freshest most affordable produce each session.

Our produce boxes are available for pickup on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. Orders and payment are due on the Sunday prior to each pickup date.

Contents of our Fresh Food Box include staple items such as potatoes, carrots, onions and apples along with seasonal produce such as strawberries, salad greens, cabbage, melons, garlic and squash.  Box contents depend on seasonal availability. We aim to have 7-8 different types of veggies and fruit in each box. We source our produce from a local wholesaler, our community gardens and from local farmers whenever possible. The following boxes are available to purchase: large (veggies and fruit), small (veggies and fruit) and a fruit only box option.

Organic Vegetables
  • Community Food Centres Canada
    We are an affiliate of Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC). They inspired us to move from simply offering emergency food to providing a range of services and programs that bring people together to grow, cook, share and advocate for good food. Since 2011 we have worked together toward a healthier and more just food system. Our affiliation with CFCC, helps ensure that we have core funding and is an invaluable source of program models and guidance. There are now 15 Community Food Centres across Canada operating in communities as diverse as Iqaluit and Montreal. As an early adopter of the Community Food Centre approach, The Table regularly shares our experience with newer food centres or other "good food organizations" that are part of the growing family of facilities connected to CFCC.
  • Town of Perth
    The Town of Perth made 8,000 square feet of land in Last Duel Park available for our community garden. The allotment gardens which the Table oversees on Rogers Rd. and Daines Place are also on municipal land. The town provides generous financial support to The Table with an annual operating grant.
  • Food Banks Canada and the Feed Ontario
    We are affiliated with both Food Banks Canada and Feed Ontario, which help coordinate food donations and fundraising efforts, and lobby for federal and provincial policies to address food insecurity.
  • Food Core LGL
    Foodcore LGL is a partnership of people and organizations from the food, farming and community sectors in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark. The group includes growers, producers, local governments, as well as those working in poverty reduction, health, and emergency food supply (e.g., food banks). Food Core has drafted a food charter for our area and is collaborating with area organizations to advance the vision of healthy, safe food for all.
  • Lanark County Child and Youth Services Collaborative
    The Table represent the food banks of Lanark County on this umbrella organization that strives for optimal integration of services to children, youth and families in the county. Lanark County Child and Youth Services Collaborative
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