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Organize a Fundraiser or Food Drive

We welcome community members to organize a fundraiser or food drive in support of The Table. Here are a few tips for a successful event...

Let us know well in advance. Its helpful for us to know what's happening out in the community in case any one questions the legitimacy of a community-organized event. We may also be able to help you out with literature, logos, promotion, etc. Depending on the scale and complexity of your event we may ask you to work with us to create a short agreement. 

Cash is easy to donate, and lighter to carry and transport than food donations. Cash donations allow us to purchase what we need when we need it, and to take advantage of great deals when we find them.  


Use Canada Helps for online fundraising. We use the charitable platform Canada Helps for online donations, event ticekts and and our donor database. If you use Canada Helps rather than a social media fundraiser we will get better information about who is supporting us (donating anonymously is always an option) and you will be supporting a Canadian charity rather than one of the mega social media companies. 

Here are a few additional considerations for food drives...

  • We focus on providing the healthiest and most nutritious food choices available to our participants. When selecting food to donate please take a moment to consider low sodium products, lower fat options, canned fish with high omega 3’s, low sugar cereal, whole grains and whole food choices. Instant or convenience foods, though quick to prepare, generally are heavily processed and have less nutrient value.

  • We can provide sturdy banana boxes for collecting food items, and a list of our most needed food items. We will also let you know the best time to host your Food Drive so you are not in conflict with other drives happening in the community.

  • We comply with strict Health and Safety regulations. Please check best before dates and be careful when collecting and storing canned good as we are unable to use many items that have dents. 

  • Due to health regulations, we cannot accept food items such as wild game, unsealed or home-processed products.

  • Be aware that we cannot pick up donations, and are open during specific, limited hours to receive them. Small donations can be dropped off anytime. For larger quantities of food donation please call ahead to arrange a drop off time. Surprise donations can overwhelm our staff and volunteers. A bit of notice gives us a chance to round up extra help and keeps everyone safe and relaxed. It also gives us enough time to let you know how much we appreciate your effort.

We are happy to assist with any questions you may have, and are ready to help make your event a success.

For general inquiries about partnering with us contact Executive Director, Ramsey Hart at, 613-267-6428 x 108.


For questions specific to food drives contact the Good Food Bank Coordinator,  Wendy at,  613-267-6428  ext. 103

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