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Employment Opportunities

October 23, 2023

Apply to join the Navigator Team at The Table by November 3, 2023.


We are offering 2 paid positions: part time (15-20 hours per week).
No special education or credentials are needed to apply. Your lived experience, presence, and
compassion are valuable tools to help your community. Navigators are trained in a variety of skills on the job.
Navigators will be paid $18/hour during Training and the Probationary periods – the first four
months as a Navigator.  After completion of the Training and Probationary period, or upon
waiver of this period due to previous experience, Navigators will earn $20/hour.

Under the supervision of the Program Coordinator, Navigators carry out the day to day tasks
required to run the Community Navigators Office effectively and efficiently. Responsibilities
include but are not limited to:

  • Providing services in an equitable, respectful, welcoming, non-judgmental and

  • non-stigmatizing manner

  • Actively referring community members to other programs at The Table

  • Providing intake services for energy cost reduction programs: LEAP and OESP

  • Providing information about housing options and directing people to sources of information about tenant rights 

  • Connecting participants to services, information and resources such as health and mental health services, the women’s shelter, addiction treatment services, income tax programs, transportation, Lanark County social services offices etc. 

  •  Offering supportive listening to participants and supporting them to develop plans to take action on their challenges

  • Administrative duties including: Ensuring the Community Advocacy Office is open and operating during specified hours

  • Keeping the office tidy, organized and clean 

  • Maintaining the database of client information 

  • Recording daily and monthly statistics

  • Creating posters, tabletops, handbills etc. for upcoming events/actions for

  • advertising both within the CFC and the community

  • Creating positive working relationships with personnel at relevant agencies 

  • Attending the bi-weekly Community Navigators Office Meeting

  • Taking part in skill building or information sessions when available

  • Attending relevant training/information sessions within the community as possible

Due to the nature of the work being done, many participants will be looking for direction in how to solve their problems. It is not the job of the Community Navigator to tell participants what they ‘should’ do, nor to share personal opinions or specific life experiences. The role of the Navigator is to present options without bias, to provide information and resources and to
offer referrals to relevant agencies to the best of their knowledge. It is imperative that Navigators do not speak poorly about other local service agencies or cast judgement on participants’ life choices.

Navigators are invited to bring all of their experience and skills to contribute to the Community Navigators office at the Table CFC. They are also encouraged to step outside their “comfort zone” and learn new skills while helping us achieve our goals. Limitations of one’s own knowledge and expertise must also be respected and Navigators are not to offer legal advice, counselling services or other services they are not trained to offer. Having lived experience can include having first-hand knowledge of food insecurity, accessing affordable housing, and living on a low income.


To apply please submit your resume to the Social Justice & Advocacy Coordinator:

Upon review of your resume you will either be thanked for your application or requested to attend a scheduled interview.

Image by Katie Smith
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