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Cultural Celebrations: Hanukkah

Feed Ontario is supporting a new project at The Table through their Feeding Change grant program. We are researching and presenting the celebration of cultures by way of food, music, decorations and education every month. Come to The Table to learn, share, and celebrate the richness of diversity.

We will be kicking things off in December by exploring Jewish culture and celebrating Hanukkah on Friday, December 15 4:30-6pm. Hanukkah is a Jewish festival also referred to as the Festival of Lights. The festival is observed by lighting the nine branches of a candelabrum, called a menorah (or Hanukkah). Hanukkah festivities include playing the game of dreidel, and eating oil-based foods, such as latkes and sufganiyot (jelly filled donuts), and dairy foods. Hanukkah, in its non-religious practice, is a celebration of human courage, integrity, and hope.

The Table encourages inclusivity, kindness and having an open mind. The Table does not affiliate with either religious or faith-based beliefs. The Table supports trying something new while also supporting those who choose not to participate.

The Cultural Celebrations Project offers an opportunity to learn about a variety of international cultures through celebration and participating in an activity revered around the world; sharing a meal with your community. In the spirit of equity, diversity, and inclusion, everyone has a place at The Table.

For more information and upcoming cultural celebrations please contact:

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